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My experience with Heidi May was exceptional. Being my first time having energy work done, I didn't know what to expect but I trusted Heidi to take good care of me and she did. We began by setting an intention for the practice. I felt like I was able to open my heart to this new experience in a safe, accepting atmosphere with unconditional dedication to healing. It's hard to explain how comfortable I felt but it meant alot to me that I could be 100% open and authentic, carefree, and without any feelings of judgement. Throughout the session, I felt really at home and I could sense all the negative energy being washed away with loving care. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. After having my chakras balanced, I felt more relaxed, refreshed, and at peace with myself. I immediately noticed a newfound feeling of being grounded and more connected to the world around me. By the end, I felt more in tune with my intuition. I had a warm, fuzzy feeling and was open to whatever the universe has to offer, including my true self and purpose. It was everything I needed to de-stress after my long week. I was energized and rejuvenated, ready to take life on again. Heidi is truly genuine and has a wonderful gift to offer. She is here to meet each person where they are at and help them heal. She caters the experience to the individual and their own spiritual beliefs so need be anything but yourself. I give her business 5 stars for being stellar. Be ready for the inspiration for self-care you will receive upon walking out of her office. She is really great at what she does!

Colleen Y.

Professional Musician

Heidi is a very knowledgeable practitioner with experience who will welcome you to take this journey of self healing! During my energy healing session with Heidi, we used crystals, sound, & oils. My experience was amazing and would recommend all to give a try! I had a wave of emotions filled with love and life throughout my body. Seeing and feeling myself go through such an eye opener to my mind and body that I shall carry yesterday's positive vibrations with me into the future. This session has helped me stay grounded, positive, and has motivated me to continue this path of self love and overall positive well being. I not only benefited from the session but also learned alot about the process and myself so I can carry that into my future and share this new loving energy with those around me. I wish I could find the right words to describe how incredible these sessions with her are to me, all the wonderful benefits, and how they have personally affected me. It is a journey you will love to go on!

Sunny C.

Restaurant Manager

Heidi was able to help me heal from Hawaii to Arizona with two long distance Reiki sessions, one half hour session & a sixty minute session. I was going through a lot of pain emotionally as well as physically due to a broken neck from a bad car accident. The treatment helped to alleviate most of the pain and I was actually able to fall asleep peacefully, wake up with less discomfort, and the effect lasted noticeably. I would recommend anyone who needs any kind of healing to give my friend Heidi a try because I believe in her ability to help heal others!

Christiana D.


Amazing how good I felt after a session with Heidi and her crystal bowls and tuning forks! With all the mental chatter of TV static, radio, and current world event drama, the tones and frequencies allowed my brain to really relax holistically and I felt sharp and revitalized afterwards. The ocean has a certain frequency that we all feel and seek but when Heidi uses all the notes on the music spectrum with her top of the line bowls and tuning forks, as well as her Aromatouch with those essential oils, it all combined for a really incredible and effective therapeutic healing treatment.
Ahhh & Ommm right to my Soul and revitalized Spirit! Thank you Heidi and I need to re-book soon!

David L.

Real Estate Developer

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                          Reiki - Universal Life Energy

                     Chakra & Solfeggio Tuning Forks

                                     Mental & Emotional
                                         Reiki  Treatment

                                              Relieve Stress,
                                        Support Immunity,
                                      Calm Inflammation,
                               & Return to Homeostasis

                             Crystal Chakra Balancing

                                        Sound Healing with
                     432 hz Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls


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PO BOX 6947
Kamuela, HI, 96743, US

Aloha & Welcome!
I am Heidi May & I am a Certified Level II Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner. I offer a choice of self-empowering healing sessions with pure Reiki or a combination treatment of Reiki infused with DoTerra essential oils, crystals, chakra & Solfeggio tuning forks, & 432hz chakra crystal bowl sound healing.
Allow yourself  to be immersed in an exquisitely soothing healing experience as your entire energy field is brought into equilibrium and your vibrational frequency is lifted, restoring your whole being to homeostasis and balance. True healing flows through you when a quiet, peaceful, safe space is created around, through, and for you. Gift yourself to this truly relaxing & rejuvenating therapeutic treat!
I am looking forward to being of service to you for your highest good! Remember, you are divine by original design & worth it!